Anupama Kundoo

38,60 c/IVA

Mette Marie Kallehauge, Lærke Rydal Jørgensen (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03778-637-6
Lars Müller
Capa dura, 232 pp, 24 × 30 cm

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The fourth volume in the series The Architect’s Studio is dedicated to the works of Anupama Kundoo. The much-appraised Indian architect aims to shed light on a neglected resource in architecture: time.

Kundoo works with time in architecture on multiple levels – from the research and development of artisanal technique to the construction of buildings without mass fabrication and big machinery. This publication explores how Kundoo integrates traditional Indian building customs, crafts and materials into her studio’s remarkable projects. It also presents a number of her most important buildings, including the future Line of Goodwill project.