Diário de “Bordo” (On Board Diary), 1960 – Fernando Távora

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Fernando Távora
ISBN: 9789892033945
Casa da Arquitectura
Dois volumes em caixa de cartão, 1200 pp, 12 x 16 cm

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The first volume reproduces in facsimile on a 1/1 scale the “Onboard” Diary, with all the items that are part of it. In addition, it includes the reproduction, on a reduced scale, of all the drawings in Notebook A and Notebook B. The second volume contains the establishment of the text of the manuscript and, in a final section, the notes that accompany the travel drawings of Notebook A and Notebook B are transcribed.

The establishment of text is therefore functional to the respective access, guiding and speeding up a reading in which the final intention of Architect Fernando Távora is reflected.

The transcript respects his decisive options, with regard to changes and additions, which are duly noted. Therefore, the reader is in possession of an instrument that directly introduces him to the analysis of the original manuscript which is reproduced in facsimile. Thus, he has the opportunity to observe, by comparison, the author’s laboratory contained in the manuscript and, in particular, in the dialogue that is established between verbal text, aggregated maple items and drawings.