Giacometti and The Fox

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Thomas Gamma, Anna Luif
ISBN: 9783906313030
Simonett & Baer
Capa dura, 56 pp, 17,5 x 24 cm


Because artist Alberto Giacometti cannot return to Paris after taking a trip to Switzerland during World War II, his brother Diego takes care of his studio all by himself. One day, the next-door neighbor gives animal-loving Diego a tame lady fox as a gift. It is love at first sight. Diego and the fox Mademoiselle Rose spend time with one another and become dear friends during the trials of war. Until Alberto returns when the war is over. Nobody really knows whether Alberto has left the door open to the street on purpose, or not. Based on a true story of a tame lady fox and the famous Giacometti brothers Alberto and Diego. This touching graphic novel / children’s book brings us with its warm and atmospheric illustrations in the middle of the Paris Atelier during WW II. Written by Thomas Gamma and Anna Luif, illustrated by Mónica Naranjo Uribe.