Herzog & de Meuron 001 – 500: Index of The Work of Herzog & de Meuron 1978 – 2019

129,60 c/IVA

Dino Siomonett, Michel Kessler
ISBN: 9783906313245
Simonett & Baer
Capa dura, 272 pp, 16,8 x 24,5 cm


Five hundred Herzog & de Meuron projects from around the world in one book, one image of each, text by Michel Kessler in English. Limited Edition of 2,000 copies, numbered from 1/2000 – 2000/2000
Each book is bound in a unique printed silkscreen cover of 100% linen with horizontally running colours. Every copy has a different cover and a different number and unfortunately we cannot consider any wishes for cover colours or book numbers, but anyhow every single copy of this book will be uniquely beautifull.