Houses and Cities Built With Earth: Conservation, Significance and Urban QualityEdição

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Maddalena Achenza, Mariana Correia, Marco Cadimu, Amadeo Serra (coord.)
ISBN 9789728479417
Editora Argumentum
Brochura, 160 pp, 19×32 cm

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This publication contains the proceedings of the European Union Project “Houses and Cities
built with earth: conservation, significance and urban quality”. This project, supported by the
Cultura 2000 Program – Education and Culture, was designed to promote an extensive,
international and interdisciplinary exchange of information and experiences on the conservation of architecture, sites and cities built with earth.
The project was possible due to the co-organization of 3 European university institutions and
the collaboration of 16 partners.
These proceedings document contains the multidisciplinary contributions during six work
sessions, between 46 authors, from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Hungary, France and
Germany. Its richness is also expressed through the articles written in 6 European languages:
Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, English and Hungarian.