Joelho N.º 07

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ISSN: 1647954800007
Brochura, 188 pp, 18 x 24 cm

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Coord. Armando Rabaça, Carlos Martins. Joelho 7 is the first thematic issue that is not the result of a conference or a event. It was a challenge to the Department of Architecture, based at the Jesuit patio of Colégio das Artes, in Coimbra, to launch a call intended for national and international researchers. Our guest editors addressed the scientific community with a topic on the connections between modern and contemporary culture. Given the diversity and quality of the contributions of both invited and proposed papers that arrived from various corners of the world, we can say that the result is already a success. We want to thankArmando Rabaça and Carlos Martins for their enthusiasm and rigor; and also to the impressive number of collaborators who generously participated in the important task of peer reviewing.We would also like to thank Rui Lobo and Cátia Santos for presenting the important pedagogical work that they have been developing on “[an]other modernity” — the one built by Portuguese architects throughout time and space.Yet, Learning with Modern Utopias would not be complete without the intelligence and creativity of Rodrigo Oliveira, who offers us his explorations on two modern urban utopias, Chandigarh and Brasília. Thank you, Rodrigo.