Jørn Utzon – Houses

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Henrik S MøllerPer Nagel , Vibe Udsen
ISBN: 8798759736

Living Architecture
Encadernado, 242 pp, 23 x 31 cm

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Jørn Utzon is best known as the architect of the Sydney Opera House, probably the world’s most famous modern building and arguably the 20th-century’s boldest, most important and impressive work of architecture. All his works – both the large and famous and the small and private – with their brilliant simplicity and honest originality, are masterpieces of 20th-century architecture.This book presents all of Utzon’s buildings in more than 400 outstanding colour photographs taken by architecture photographer Per Nagel over a period of 25 years. Architect Vibe Udsen reviews each building and architecture critic Henrik Sten Møller presents a portrait of Jørn Utzen the man and the architect. Photographer Per Nagel has collaborated with architect Vibe Udsen for many years in publishing the architectural annual Living Architecture, which is distributed worldwide.