Ricardo Carvalho Obra, Situação, Processo / Work, Situation, Process

32,40 c/IVA

ISBN 9789899846210
Livraria A+A
Capa mole, 232 pp, 21×26 cm
Português e Ingês

Álvaro Siza’s ‘Tidal Swimming Pool’ has been highlighted by critics as a significant mark in the architect’s career, from a time when he had still not reached full international notoriety. The 60s witnessed the design and construction of this building, which was to be of service to the general public, providing a better enjoyment of the sea and the sun at the beach of Leça da Palmeira. From a simple program for a saltwater tank, Álvaro Siza produced a set of spaces that lead the bather from the coastal road to the rocks on the sea, on a course that enhances the relationship between what is artificial and what is natural. With an extensive presentation of design statements, drawings, and photographs and an essay by Michel Toussaint.