Terra Incógnita: Discovering and preserving European Earthen Architecture

61,20 c/IVA

ISBN 9789728479541
Editora Argumentum
Brochura, 224 pp, 24×30 cm

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TERRA INCOGNITA project, which was
supported by the ‘Culture 2000’ programme of the European Union. Together, these works draw up a
comprehensive view of earthen architecture in Europe, as well as review key construction and
maintenance techniques. They contribute to a wider recognition of a deeply rooted construction culture
– bearing many traditions – which is usually little known by the general public and yet to be fully
acknowledged. ‘Discovering European earthen architecture’ explores the social and cultural aspects of
one of the richest and most varied types of heritage in the world, while opening new perspectives and
providing modern architectural solutions that are fully in harmony with today’s environmental priorities.
‘Preserving European earthen architecture’, is a manual compiling the best techniques and practices
for the maintenance and rehabilitation of traditional architecture. The manual is meant to guide and
inform all players in earthen architecture, inhabitants, men of the trade and architects, in their efforts to
revive earthen constructions that are durable but particularly fragile. The formidable collective work of
the many specialists who participated in this project broadens our vision to an unmatched perspective
on a very old construction culture that holds so many promises for the future.