What Anchors a House in Itself

43,20 c/IVA

Andreas Fuhrimann, Gabrielle Hächler
ISBN 978-3-03778-240-8
Lars Müller
Capa dura, 216 pp, 18,6×24,8 cm

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The Zürich architects Fuhrimann Hächler take on the most diverse building commissions. The present volume is devoted in particular to private residences, most of them realized for clients who are at home in the architectural and art scenes. These homes captivate by virtue of the clarity and simplicity of their constructive materials, their economically effective construction, and their haptic, sensual surfaces and flowing spatial transitions. Outstanding examples of their architecture include the Haus Presenhuber in Vnà (2007), the Haus Müller Gritsch in Lenzburg (2007) and their own residence in Zurich (2003).
The text contributions take the reader beyond the featured residences while situating these within the overall oeuvres of the architects.